Helsinki, Finland

We are looking for none other than a Design System Specialist to join our team at Intergalactico, the Nordcloud Design Studio in Helsinki.

About you

As a Design System Specialist you will be helping our customers with their design systems. You are a process-oriented person. You can help our customers’ stakeholders understand the value of design systems. You are able to help our customers in building a design system to be sustainable, future-proof, and desirable by all its users.

You have either already worked in a design systems team or used a functioning design system in your work. You understand the life cycle of a design system and the benefits it will bring to products using it.

Our design system work is located in a three-way junction. One side is pattern design, the other pattern development and the last pattern communication. You can have your stronger foot in either design or development, but you need to have a strong head in communication.

You have proven skills in presenting, teamwork and effective communication in English. You enjoy working in a diverse teams. Collaboration with other designers, coders, engineers, and product-owners comes to you naturally.

Expected skills

We expect you to have over 3 years of professional experience in designing or developing modern digital products and competence in

  • modern web technologies such as JS-frameworks (React, VueJs, Angular)

  • CSS, CSS preprocessors, or other relevant CSS handling techniques

  • Designing mockups and components (with e.g. Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD)

  • Stakeholder communications

  • Agile methodologies

  • Effective communication in English

The following skills are a plus

  • Styled-components

  • Effective communication in Finnish


  • Design methodologies ( Workshopping, Customer journeys, Human Centered Design, etc)

intergalactico team

Reasons to work with us

Our work can offer a first-row seat into the world of design systems. Our clients come in many shapes and sizes; so do their design systems. To understand the nature of these systems, your aim should be to see as many of them as you can.

Intergalactico is a forerunner of design systems in Finland. Meaning, there will be like-minded people to share your coffee with. Our team is looking for someone who can fully commit to standing with both feet in different worlds. Taking on the role of the bridgemaker, Design Systems Specialist can shape what we do -- and how we do it.

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