EnerKey — User-Focused Data Visualisation for Energy Management

Enerkey presentation


How do you redesign a product to make it better for its user? Enegia came to us with their energy management platform EnerKey, looking for the answer to that particular question.

Enerkey is a tool for business owners, custodians, and the like. The portal offers information, reports and analyses for tracking energy consumption, as well as support for energy management, all behind one login. EnerKey was already up and running when we first laid our hands on it: the portal was used by over 300 organizations and covered 15 000 properties. However, it needed help. The platform was overflowing with information and lacked a coherent user experience. This became an issue, because Enegia started thinking of going international and scaling up their customer base. With potential customers on the horizon, EnerKey needed to become the best possible version of itself.


Intergalactico’s job was to refresh the entire service to best serve the existing and future clients. We provided a UX lead, developing and sharing ways of working with Enegia’s own development team. We did something we coined a “UI refresh”; an extreme makeover that gave the platform a brand new look. Lastly, we implemented a style guide to ensure that in the future, changes could be done from one location with existing components. In the lead of the design process was our own Eija Jokilahti.

“We created a whole new brand for the platform. It was a balancing act between restyling each feature and making sure the UX remained consistent,” Eija shares. “The project was broad. It required a lot of benchmarking, references and research.”

The project challenged Eija to look for new insights; both from literature as well as the users themselves. As a platform, EnerKey relies on how well it can visualize data. Eija dug deep into flows and data visualization to understand what the product needed. Customers shed light on the practicalities. “I got to sit down next to EnerKey’s users and see how they actually use the platform. It was eye-opening”, Eija describes.

Enerkey interfaces


The new EnerKey is more professional and user-oriented. First thing that catches the eye is the visual change. Colors have appeared to where there previously was only blue. Hierarchy has been improved, making the platform easier to navigate. As an example of how a simple thing like the use of colors can make a huge difference in usability, we made sure to emphasize different energy types with their representative colors.

What does Eija think is the most exciting result? Seeing the new role the platform has taken in Enegia’s ranks. The company recently renamed itself to from Enegia to Enerkey, which clearly shows how big a role the platform has acclaimed. “It’s really rewarding to see our work become such a crucial part of their operations. It feels like the significance of what we’ve done just continues to grow”, Eija expresses.