Space Nation gives access to space for everyone

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Coming out of stealth mode is a big leap for any start-up. This was particularly true for Space Nation. Renamed, rebranded and suddenly expected to cope with a monthly load of 30 million visitors, their old company web presence was not only technologically inadequate, it was also saying the wrong things. It had to be replaced with a brand new The new site had to handle a whole new set of goals: a massive increase in user numbers, top-of-the-line visual design, content that could be constantly updated and expanded, the ability to stream videos, and mobile application promotions. Last-minute adjustments to the overall Space Nation vision and brand posed an additional challenge, as they forced the developers to respond to shifts in tone, focus and goals with little or no advance warning.

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Our solution was to attack the problem with a pincer movement. On one hand, we had a robust team with proven experience, professionalism and initiative. On the other, we chose the Wordpress platform hosted by Wpengine as the technological solution, so there would be very little maintenance and the system could scale to match the user count. We had the first version of the website was out in a couple of weeks but as the brand and target group became more defined, the content and appearance underwent several makeovers. Despite much of this coming as a surprise to us, it never became a problem because we had designed the website to be modular and reusable from the beginning, according to our Design Systems principles. In addition, various improvements were made for Search Engine Optimization and analytics, enabling Space Nation to reach much higher rankings on Google.


Space Nation considers the project a success, although they point out that it will continue indefinitely, as their web presence will be continually updated to reflect the improving nature of their business. Iikka Winter and Anni Muukkonen from Space Nation also gave the web development team from Intergalactico top marks, especially regarding their agility with the changing focus and vision. In addition to building the actual website, the Intergalactico team also helped create one of Space Nation’s main products: their web-based journal, Space Nation Orbit ( Space Nation Orbit already has close to 70 articles and the number is increasing almost daily. The journal and the website are closely linked.

“WP proved to be right choice for these two websites”, says Iikka Winter, the project lead from Space Nation. “However, we will soon need something new to facilitate the dynamic content in the upcoming Space Nation Navigator application.”

About Space Nation

Space Nation is a Finnish startup aimed at encouraging public participation in the burgeoning commercial space industry. It raised more than 2.2 million Euros in a crowdfunding campaign launched on Feb. 2 for the Space Nation Astronaut Training Program. This included one million Euros which were pledged in the first 43 minutes for their smartphone application for citizen astronauts.