Taking gamification one step further with RoBoom Galaksi


After the success of our gamified RoBoom, Veikkaus was interested in developing lottery tickets even further. We worked closely together to build the groundwork for an ambitious sequel. The end-result RoBoom Galaksi is a pioneer in its field: it’s not just a lottery ticket, but a progressive, story-driven game with a whopping 500 levels. It’s something that’s never been done before -- neither by us nor Veikkaus.


The new RoBoom was built on top of its predecessor. There was no reason to touch the core mechanics or the visuals since they were tested and proven. We focused mainly on expanding the gameplay and story mechanics together with a more richer, more meaningful soundscape. The graphics were made dynamic with endless scaling to suit the large amount of levels. A storyline was created to offer a frame of entertainment and move the player seamlessly through the game.

RoBoom Galaksi kept our small team busy. The complexity of the project meant there were many technical details that needed to be fine-tuned. A challenging part of the creative process was to find a suitable balance between entertainment and addictive gameplay. Although the project heavily tested our collective problem solving skills, the team was driven by a shared end goal: a thrilling game that brings more than just monetary wins.


Veikkaus is pleased with the results of the project. “Roboom Galaksi is the one of the latest attempts from the Veikkaus team to bring casual game mechanics to gambling. It is a multi-level space odyssey with 500 levels and a continuous story line. Each level is an independent digital scratch ticket. The player can choose from three price points ranging between 0,50 € and 2,00 €. The Intergalactico team created a wonderful sci-fi world with comic book style and a funny story that is full of jokes and easter eggs from movies and other classic sci-fi stories”, Harri Järvinen from Veikkaus describes the endeavor.

About Veikkaus

Veikkaus is a Finnish betting office, fully owned by the government and has an exclusive legal betting license on lotteries and sports betting in Finland. Veikkaus.fi is the biggest e-commerce business in Finland with sales over 1,3 billion euros in 2017.